Anna University Results 2019 - Exam Results 2019

Anna University is one of the most famous engineering and technology education institutions in India. It functions as the central university in the state of Tamilnadu. The university offers both under-graduate (UG) and post-graduate (PG) courses. Anna University follows a semester pattern and hence examinations are conducted twice a year. The Anna University UG/ PG Exam results of November / December 2018 Will be Expected by February 2019.

Anna University UG/ PG exam results of 2018 will be published on the university portal.



Anna University  UG  Exam Results of November / December 2018 February 2019
Anna University  PG Exam Results of November / December 2018 February 2019

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Anna University Results 2018 - UG / PG Results November / December 2018

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Anna University Results 2019 - Exam Results 2018
These exam results take importance for every student who gives these examinations. They are of even more relevance to all the final year students as these results will directly impact their CGPA, without giving them much of a chance to improvise on the CGPA in the future. Apart from impacting the CGPA, Anna University UG/ PG exam results of 2018 also play a pivotal role for recruitment for final year students. All companies and organizations which recruit usually look at a good CGPA to filter in order to get the cream. Furthermore, the latest exam results gain importance as they are usually all core exam papers and hence are of special interest to recruiters.

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Follow the following steps
  • Open or
  • Enter the register number is first field,
  • Enter the correct Date of Birth in the second field,
  • Solve the Problem (Example 12+14?) in the third field,
  • Now you are viewing your profile from the profile tab you must choose Exam Result tab to view the results,
  • Now you can view your exam results, 
  • Simply confirm your exam results by checking subject code and subject name is legitimately gotten.

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