CBSE 12th Results 2019

CBSE 12th results 2019 will be announced during the first few days of the month of May. The CBSE class 12th result of 2019 will be published for those 12th standard students who give the 12th std CBSE exams of 2019. Across the country and in a few countries abroad, CBSE is the board which prescribes the syllabus and conducts examinations. The entire examination process is an elaborate one in order to make it as foolproof as possible. 

CBSE examinations have three sets of question papers for every single exam being given by the CBSE board. Further, the question paper sets for students giving the exams within the country is different from those who give it abroad. So for such of those papers for which there are students writing the exam in India and abroad, a total of 6 question paper sets are created! When the CBSE class 12th result of 2019 will get published, it will be published for all the students, taking into consideration their marks scored, irrespective of the question paper set. 


Result Date

CBSE 12th Results 2019 Expected on May 2019

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The evaluation of the CBSE answer papers is a major task before the publication of the CBSE 12th results 2019. 1000s of centres across the country will be created for the purpose of evaluation. A common mechanism of awarding marks will be stipulated and further altered based on the discussions carried out in each of these individual centres. After this, the evaluation process will begin and run through for a 2-3 weeks. Once the papers are evaluated, the next step in the process is to collate the scores and match it with the student’s id and roll number. This step is again very important before the publication of the CBSE 12th Exam results of 2019. Usually this process would be completed in the last week of April. 

Once the entire evaluation process and marks collating process is complete, the process of uploading of marks begins. During this time, all the details are uploaded online on to the CBSE website. It is at this juncture that the announcement of the date of publication of the CBSE Board class 12th results of 2019 will be done. The actual date and time of the publishing of CBSE class 12th result 2019 will be circulated in all leading newspapers and website. On the day of announcement, at the stipulated time, students can log in using their roll numbers and view their scores. In case of discrepancies, students can wait till the mark sheet of CBSE 12th standard exam results reaches their school. After cross checking on the mark sheet, they can then approach the CBSE office for re-evaluation of their answer sheets. This is done after paying a small fee amount. CBSE 12th Results of 2019 will be of utmost importance for all the students who want to pursue further studies. These CBSE 12th std result of 2019 will have a heavy impact on their future.